Four Wheel Alignment


Four wheel laser camera alignment camber tracking Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Is your car pulling to one side? Are your tyres wearing unevenly? This could mean that your wheel alignment is out, leading to more frequent tyre changes and reduced miles per gallon. This can be caused by a number of factors including bumping kerbs, poor road surfaces, impact with debris etc.

Here at PK Motors in Tunbridge Wells, Kent we have the latest Hunter HawkEye HD digital imaging four wheel alignment system to adjust your vehicles wheel and suspension alignment, ensuring we can handle the complexities of suspension geometry on today’s complex vehicles.

We use state of the art computer controlled optical camera equipment at our Tunbridge Wells accident repair centre to measure and correct alignment faults such as tracking, camber and castor to both front and rear wheels.

Vehicle Wheel Geometry Check Kent

Vehicle Wheel Geometry Check Kent

Our technicians can pinpoint were the issue lies and, in most cases, make adjustments to bring your wheels back into alignment, or we can provide an estimate for any additional work required.

We will ensure all your wheels are correctly aligned, and upon completion, provide you with a geometry certificate to give you peace of mind once the alignment process is complete.

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